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After That, By Kathleen AgueroAFTER THAT
Tiger Bark Press -


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From a mother's dementia to a grown-up Nancy Drew confronting midlife and a thoroughly changed world, Kathi Aguero confronts the mutability of life with insight and verve. These poems are unflinching in their gaze at loss, but also buoyant-- as, even scattering ashes, she can speak of pleasure in the fact that a friend was once "a body on earth." There is also magic in these poems, as objects--zippers, buttons, needles and thread--speak with wit and a mythic largesse. Throughout After That Kathi Aguero, like all masters, handles gravity with a light touch, and a voice that talks back to the forces of silence.
— Betsy Sholl

Featuring meditations on Nancy Drew and confrontations with dementia, After That is a book of poignant surprises and connections. This collection moves beautifully through several territories, not only because Aguero’s craft is exacting, but because of the relationships she establishes between poems, which make the reading all the more rich. I want a book to invite my engagement then demand it. This one does that.
—Tim Seibles

Cover of 'Daughter Of'


Daughter Of is a rich and compelling book by a poet at the height of her powers. Kathleen Aguero doesn’t waste words, writes with feeling, and knows how to deliver a kick-in-the-teeth surprise. Her gift for seeing sharp, unexpected resemblances kept me saying Yes—that’s exactly right. Her account of the bitter post-Tempest married life of Shakespeare’s Miranda is alone worth the price of admission; but the book abounds in other accomplished poems, evidently drawn from myth, dream, longing, family lore and memorable experience.
— X.J. Kennedy

In Daughter Of, Kathleen Aguero documents, with devastating precision, the privateand public lives of girls and women. Inflected by feminism and post modernism, these poems—couplets, free verse, litany, prose poem, rhymed quatrains, crowns of sonnets, villanelle—deliver many sonic pleasures as they detonate pieties. The poet deploys figures from religion and mythology to illuminate, with canny intelligence, western constructions of body, gender, relationship: in a dramatic monologue, a contemporary Persephone admits I mistook/his appraisal for praise. There’s no mistaking Aguero’s linguistic nimbleness or her searing insights in this heartbreaking and tough-minded collection.
— Robin Becker, author of The Horse Fair

The Miranda of the brilliant opening sequence in Kathleen Aguero’s new collection, Daughter Of embodies Deleuze and Guattari’s radical insight, from Anti-Oedipus, that “the unconscious is an orphan and creates itself out of nature and man.” Forged of equal parts will and insight, the Miranda who abandons her fate for the dark lore of her mother and brother is the mind and heart that course through all the poems of this collection. Wide-ranging and masterful in form, they wed sheer lyric gorgeousness with discursive gravity. The woman’s voice in American poetry that was only dreamed of thirty years ago has been realized in this collection that excavates and polishes finds from the landscape of female life in myth, literature, religion and integrates them seamlessly and inevitably with the pantheon of a lived contemporary and domestic life.
— Linda McCarriston


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