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(from 12/20/2007)

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University of Rhode Island's Ocean State Summer Writing Conference

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Small Press Distribution - Small Press Distribution is a non-profit (501(c)3) literary arts organization located in Berkeley, California. Its mission is to nurture a cultural context in which the literary arts are valued and sustained, and it accomplishes this mission by providing wholesaling services to independent presses and through public programs and advocacy efforts. They believe that the written word, in its most eloquent form, deserves the broadest possible distribution. - Buy Kathleen's books.

Alice James Books - Alice James Books is a nonprofit cooperative poetry press, founded in 1973 by five women and two men: Patricia Cumming, Marjorie Fletcher, Jean Pedrick, Lee Rudolph, Ron Schreiber, Betsy Sholl and Cornelia Veenendaal. Their objectives were to give women access to publishing and to involve authors in the publishing process. They remain true to that mission and to publishing a diversity of poets, including both beginning and established poets, and a diversity of poetic styles. The press is named for Alice James—the sister of novelist Henry James and philosopher William James—whose fine journal and gift for writing were unrecognized within her lifetime. Since 1994, the press has been affiliated with the University of Maine at Farmington.

Hanging Loose Press - The first issue of Hanging Loose magazine was published in 1966. The name was inspired by the format -- mimeographed loose pages in a cover envelope -- and that, in turn, was inspired by a very low budget. But the format was also meant to get across a point of view: that poetry is for now, not for the Ages. If you liked a poem, you could pin it to the wall. If you didn’t like a poem, you could use it as a napkin.

University of Georgia Press - The University of Georgia Press is the oldest and largest publishing house in the state and one of the largest publishing houses in the South. The Press publishes 70-80 titles each year, in a range of academic disciplines as well as books of interest to the general reader, and has nearly a thousand titles in print (search for a book).

Pine Manor College - Pine Manor College is a four-year liberal arts college dedicated to preparing women for roles of inclusive leadership and social responsibility in their workplaces, families and communities. They pursue this goal through: integration of an outcomes-based curriculum and co-curriculum demonstrated by portfolio presentations; active, collaborative, applied liberal arts learning; and college-wide mentoring teams and community partnerships--in an environment that celebrates diversity and respects the common good.

Solstice low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College - The Solstice Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College offers concentrations in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, comics & graphic narratives, and writing for children & young adults. Pine Manor's mission is to help students reach their full potential as writers through a demanding curriculum that balances the workshop experience with the study of literary craft, criticism, and theory, and to prepare students for the rigors of being a professional writer after graduation.

Brandeis University Women’s Studies Research Center - In 1992, the Women's Studies Program at Brandeis University opened its doors to academics on leave from other universities, in retirement, or working independently. Talented individuals in the humanities, social sciences and the arts, working on issues of particular relevance to women, became members of the Scholars Program. While conducting their own research and writing, they gave lectures, organized panels, and supervised students.

Changing Lives Through Literature - Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL) is a program that began in Massachusetts in response to a growing need within our criminal justice system to find alternatives to incarceration. Burdened by expense and repeat offenders, our prisons can rarely give adequate attention to the needs of inmates and, thus, do little else than warehouse our criminals. Disturbed by the lack of real success by prisons to reform offenders and affect their patterns of behavior, Professor Robert Waxler and Judge Robert Kane discussed using literature as a way of reaching hardened criminals.


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