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Kathleen's Books
Cover of 'Daughter Of' Cover of 'Daughter Of' Cover of 'Daughter Of' Cover of 'Thirsty Day' Cover of 'The Real Weather' Cover of 'A Gift of Tongues' Cover of 'An Ear to the Ground' Cover to "Daily Fare" Cover of 'Why I'm Still Married'



  • After That (Tiger Bark Press

  • Investigations: The Mystery of the Girl Sleuth (Cervená Barva Press)

  • Daughter Of (Cedar Hill Books)

  • Thirsty Day (Alice James Books)

  • The Real Weather (Hanging Loose Press)

Multicultural Literature (University of Georgia Press)

  • A Gift of Tongues

  • An Ear to the Ground (co-edited with Marie Harris)

  • Daily Fare


  • In the anthology, Why I’m Still Married

Literary journals and anthologized

  • Poetry from Sojourner: A Feminist Anthology

  • Learning by Heart: Contemporary American Poetry about School

  • Pierced by a Ray of Sun

  • Peeling the Onion

  • City River of Voices


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